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After analyzing your system, defining strategic goals, user’s profiles and testing similar interfaces, we will design the user-interface which will include overall concept, structure, navigation model & components location to create a balance between usability & simplicity.


The UX is an important part of the design process. A good User Experience is important for your clients to easily navigate the interface and understand how to use it. Developing an interaction-rich UX can motivate people to use your system leading to increasing sales and decreasing training & development costs.


We will design a professional & attractive system while considering the UI requirements, field of expertise, your budget, the platform and the development environment. During the next phase of the implementation you will get a complete and accurate set of instructions for your programmers.


For more than 15 years we have been designing a range of systems for defense, e-learning, financial, medical, security, social-networking, video editing, insurance, print industry, CRM & more for various platforms: desktop, web, embedded, mobile, smart glasses, kiosk & tablet.
Our clients range from large international companies to small startups.

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  • client1
  • client2
  • client3
  • client4
  • client5
  • client6
  • client7
  • client8
  • client5
  • client6
  • client7
  • client8


Evyatar Meiron

Founder & CEO at Fieldbit Ltd.

We had the pleasure to work with Hadar in designing and implementing graphic design work for our smart glasses application. We enjoyed her UI/UX experience in multiple computerized platforms, which dramatically effected the final result both in quality and time.

Shmulik Bachar

VP R&D, General Manager at Kenesto Corp.

Hadar expertly fills the role of UI/UX designer for my company’s R&D team for just over a year. She is ‘Ridiculously efficient’ and has the ability to juggle between multiple projects and make a big difference in the productivity level of our team. She has lots of original suggestions, alternatives and always up to date. Hadar is very kind and happy. No matter how tense a meeting, she always stay with a smile. Hadar would be an asset to any team.

Ben Granadier

Account Manager, Software Division at One1

I had the pleasure to work with Hadar on a large scale project. Hadar was responsible for the user experience of the project and she helped us create a very successful software product that was received with real excitement by our customers! She is dedicated to her work, and will invest 100% of herself in every project, I look forward to a continued relationship.

Shaul Raz

System engineer at Biosense Webster

I worked with Hadar in a few occasions on a complicated GUI design and enjoyed collaborating with her. Hadar has a fresh view and new surprising ideas for every challenge we encounter. Hadar has deep understanding of the exact message I needed to deliver to my customers. And above all Hadar is a real professional.

Yael Kowal-Blau

Physicist at HP, Indigo division

working with Hadar I found her to be happy to learn, open-minded and flexible. She is an open person who is easy to work with, with no chip on her shoulder. I found it best to work with Hadar as a 2-person team, with a free mutual exchange of ideas.

Dafna Mardix

Company Director & Senior UX Expert

In the last 10 years we spent working together I found Hadar to have many original & creative solutions. A long with her strong design capabilities and artistic talent. On top of all, she always manage to quickly understand the customer’s needs and supply high quality designs that satisfies them .I warmly recommend Hadar.

Giora Lindenbaum- Goren

Sr. Product, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Walletex Microelectronics

Hadar is a highly professional designer and her work shows a unique point of view with great taste. Hadar has the ability to deeply understand what you need, get to the point and provide what you need, and all that with very few words within relatively short time. The working processes with Hadar are very convenient and efficient.

Roee Shachnai

aran research & development at aran

I have been working with Hadar as a freelance subcontractor for the past 4 years. I have been getting the best results each and every time. She is a wonderful business partner - professional, reliable, efficient and creative.

Maya Olsha Yehiav

Vice President, Customer Success

Hadar helped with transforming our dated website, into a fresh, modern and inviting looking one. I have enjoyed working with Hadar both professionally and personally. Not only she has demonstrated a deep knowledge and creativity in web design, she was always ready on time, and very pleasant to talk to. If I ever need a talented designer, I would contact Hadar again.



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